What Happens After a Judgment? Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney

Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury AttorneysIn almost any accident-related injury situation, there is usually someone or something that is at fault. It may be a car accident where one driver failed to obey a traffic device or it may be a slip-and-fall accident where a business was negligent by not maintaining a safe environment for customers. Whatever the cause, we are fortunate in this country to have the ability to pursue and then recover damages.

But, just because a court awards a judgement to someone doesn’t mean they will be able to recover. Let’s go to the beginning of the whole process.

1 – A person checks into a hotel and steps into the tub to take a shower. The tub is slippery from a spill of one of the bottles of shampoo, and the guest slips and falls, hitting their head on the hard tile and is seriously injured. The hotel is uncooperative about admitting their contributory negligence, and the victim files a lawsuit.

Before anything happens, there will be a pre-trial phase where motions will be made and a judge will decide if they have merit. These motions will usually involve evidence which may be witness testimony, photographs, or actual pieces of evidence. This information is reviewed so cases with little chance of winning do not clog up the courts.

Note: There have been thousands of incidents like the one described above, and many have failed to go forward due to lack of evidence. If you are ever injured because of someone else’s negligence, it is very important to document what happened the best you can. Take pictures, save evidence, and ask for the names and phone numbers of witnesses. It all helps to build your case.

Once the pre-trial phase is complete and a case moves forward, a trial by judge or jury will be scheduled and if a judgement in favor of the plaintiff (victim) is granted, what happens then?

Personal Injury AttorneysA very important concept to understand is that a judgement has value to a victim if it is collectible. If the defendant has the assets to pay, there is usually not too many problems, but if they don’t it might present a delay. Some defendants may attempt to hide assets and finding them can be difficult.

Interviewing attorneys about their credentials, ability to win cases, and collect judgments is very important when making a decision to hire an attorney who will be able to represent you and fight for your rights.

The Law Firm of Lazarus and Lazarus has earned a sterling reputation for gathering evidence into a clear and convincing cases, and then following through with doing whatever it takes to get clients the help they need. Please call us if you have any questions about how to help if you’ve been hurt in any kind of accident. Our number is 954-356-0006.

Why You Should Consider Lazarus and Lazarus for Your Auto Accident Injury Case

You’ve been injured in an automobile accident in south Florida, or you’ve been hurt in some other incident where someone else may be at fault. What do you do?Personal Injury Attorney You’ll have questions about medical bills, insurance, and how to get help for your lost time from work. You’ll want to know your rights. Everyone tells you to call an attorney, and they are correct. But who?

Here are some staggering numbers: In 1980, Florida had 27,000 lawyers. Since 2000, five new law schools have opened in Florida and the number of lawyers in the state has increased from 60,900 to 96,511!

Fast Fact: If you spent 8 hours a day calling 96,511 lawyers and spent 10 minutes on each call, it would take 5 1/2 years to call them all.

So let’s narrow things down. You’ll want to have some criteria for choosing an attorney.

You’ll want someone who is in the area, who is experienced handling personal injury cases, and who has positive reviews from other clients. Even then, you will have a great number of attorneys to consider. We would like to tell you a little about our firm, and why we would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your options. Some of the important things to consider when choosing a personal injury attorney:

Experience – Our firm was founded in 1992, and our practice has been focused on helping south Floridians who are injured since the start. We’re a small firm, and we only take cases when we know that we can really help. This is a family law firm, and you will meet with Gary or Arleen Lazarus, you will not be assigned an attorney fresh from law school who doesn’t have much experience.

Communication – We are with you every step. When you reach out for information about your case you will be treated with courtesy and respect and you’ll be told the exact status of your case. We don’t sugar-coat things, we tell you the truth. We don’t want to waste your time and drag things out.

Reputation – We have established a sterling reputation for protecting the rights of our clients, and delivering on the commitments we make to them. We work hard to deliver the maximum amount of compensation for damage, injuries, pain, and suffering. Our reviews across all sources are superior. including AVVO, the most trusted source for attorney recommendations and information.

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Driving with the Dog – Please do it Safely

Personal Injury Attorneys South FloridaCruising around south Florida in the car on a beautiful sunny day, it’s one of the reasons we live here. And taking the family dog might seem like fun for the driver and the dog, but dogs present some issues regarding safety for everyone.

First of all, we often discuss the issue of distracted driving as it pertains to texting or talking on a cell phone. But a dog in the car can be an equally dangerous distraction. The American Automobile Association conducted a survey and found that many people enjoyed riding with their dog on their lap, petted their dog while driving, and many even said they liked to take pictures of their pooch while driving. Talk about distracted. One moment of distracted driving can cause a horrific accident and so ee urge people not to do any of these things for obvious reasons.

Let’s talk about the safety of your pet. Driving with an unrestrained dog in the front seat is very dangerous for several reasons, but one in particular is that most cars today have airbags, front and side. If an airbag goes off, it may actually throw your dog through a window and out of the car onto the street. This has happened, and it’s totally tragic. Petco.com has several dog restraints here: Click Here.

Let’s also not forget about the terrible potential danger of leaving a dog unattended in your car. It seems unthinkable that a responsible person could leave their beloved pet in a hot car, but it happens all the time.

Fortunately, Governor Rick Scott signed House Bill 131 into law, allowing Floridians to break into locked automobiles to rescue animals or vulnerable people who are “in imminent danger of suffering harm.”

The bill comes as a direct response to the growing number of incidents where pets and children have died because they have been left in overheated cars. However, the new law will only protect breaking into a vehicle under strict guidelines. If you’re faced with the situation, here’s what you need to know: First, you must check that the vehicle is locked. After doing so, call 911 or law enforcement before entering the vehicle or immediately after rescuing the child or pet. Finally, use no more force than is necessary to break in — and remain with the person or animal until first responders arrive.

Here’s our advice: Leave the dog home, unless you’re taking it to the vet or moving.

South Florida Accident Attorney

In 20+ years of representing victims of serious car crashes, we have seen it all including pets injured and pets causing accidents. Dogs and cats are wonderful companions and they are like family to many people, but they simply don’t belong in our cars.

We are experienced personal injury attorneys representing people all over Florida who have been injured to to the carelessness or negligence of someone else. Please call us if you have any questions,, and thank you for reading our blog. 954-356-0006.


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Bone Fractures and Long-Term Effects – Fort Lauderdale Accident Attorney

Fort Lauderdale Accident AttorneyWhen you were young, did you ever break a bone? For many people broken bones were almost common, especially if they played sports. Emergency rooms are full of young, amateur athletes every weekend with injuries ranging from cuts and scrapes to concussions, broken arms and fractured legs. Usually a cast goes on, and weeks later it comes off. The patient usually is good as new!

That’s not always the case for people in their middle-aged years or the elderly.

When you suffer a broken bone in an accident and you’re over the age of 40, there are many issues that can come up that impede the healing process and cause serious complications. Some of the damage and complications that accompany broken bones include:

Vascular Damage – In some cases, a person may experience vascular damage, such as the disruption of blood to the femoral artery. A pelvic fracture, for example, is life-threatening and could damage the femoral artery – which will result in death if it is not treated properly and quickly.
Loss of Mobility – Certain fractures may lead to a permanent or long-term loss of mobility. For example, a hip fracture in an older individual could never heal properly.
Respiratory Issues – When a victim suffers from a fracture of bones in the chest, such as a rib, he or she could suffer from a pneumothorax or other breathing issues.
Visceral Injuries – If the fracture protrudes into other organs, such as the lung or bladder, it can cause permanent organ damage.
Nerves and Tissue Damages – Sometimes a fracture can lead to permanent damage to the surrounding tissues, nerves, and skin – depending on the severity of the break.
Systemic Complications – These can include things like fat embolism, shock, sepsis, pneumonia, and an exacerbation of an underlying condition.
Compartment Syndrome – This occurs when internal pressure within a closed off space compromises the body’s circulation and results in temporary or permanent damage to that area.
Improper Bone Healing – Sometimes, the initial injury does not cause damage; instead, it is the healing process. If the fracture does not heal or is delayed from healing, the patient could suffer from other complications, including malunion. They may need surgery to repair the malunion.
Myositis Ossificans – This occurs when the calcifications develop within the muscle and are often accompanied by a bone fracture. The condition can cause intense pain, tenderness, swelling, and muscle contractions.

It is because of these and other hidden complications that it is critical to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney immediately after an accident and before you agree to any settlement. What seems like an open and closed case might evolve into a painful, expensive set of medical circumstances down the road. An experienced personal injury accident attorney will guide you towards the best possible course of action to protect now, and into the future.

The Law Firm of Lazarus and Lazarus will meet you and look over the facts to give you options. Our meetings are completely confidential and we will set a time that works with your schedule. Please call us at 954-356-0006 and thank you.

Florida Personal Injury Damages: Punitive and Compensatory

If you are injured in Florida as a result of someone else’s actions, you will likely want to pursue damages from that person or company for your injuries, medical bills, lost time from work, and other damages. But what are you entitled to and how does the court decide how much you receive? This can be a complicated scenario.

Two Types Of Compensation In Personal Injury Claims. There are two main kinds of damages: compensatory and punitive. Compensatory is the most common form of damages in personal injury claims. In cases in which serious injury or loss of life was caused by extreme negligence, punitive damages may be awarded.

If you visit the Florida Statutes, you will find that CHAPTER 768 – NEGLIGENCE – PART I – GENERAL PROVISIONS deals with torts, types of damages, limits and other relevant components in order to preserve order and a system that works for everyone.

What is a tort?

Tort: noun, Law. 1. a wrongful act, not including a breach of contract or trust, that results in injury to another’s person, property, reputation, or the like, and for which the injured party is entitled to compensation.

One interesting part of the Florida Statute states:     768.72 Pleading in civil actions; claim for punitive damages.
(1) In any civil action, no claim for punitive damages shall be permitted unless there is a reasonable showing by evidence in the record or proffered by the claimant which would provide a reasonable basis for recovery of such damages.

Florida Personal Injury AttorneysIf you are involved in a tort law situation, hopefully you have met with a qualified attorney and you have received competent advice on how to proceed.

Florida Personal Injury Attorney

The Law Firm of Lazarus and Lazarus believes every Floridian is entitled to competent representation when they are injured. We are pleased to offer a free consultation to discuss your options. Please call us at 954-356-0006.

Don’t Jeopardize Your Personal Injury Case

We have discussed what to do and what not to do after an automobile accident. It’s important to fulfill your obligations at an accident scene toFort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney make sure everyone who needs it receives medical care. It’s the law that you provide information about your identity and evidence of insurance.

But what about if you are injured due to someone else’s carelessness, negligence, or professional malpractice? You may have a case for damages, and there things you must be aware of in order to protect your rights. Here are some tips that you should read and remember, they could make the difference between your rights being protected and your rights being disregarded.

1 – Lying. One you say something that is not the truth, it will be unlikely that a judge or jury will believe you are telling the truth about anything. The best thing to do if you are the victim in a potential court case is to remain silent and ask for legal guidance. Never lie.

2 – Talk with others about your case. Just don’t do it. People may be inquisitive about what happened, how, and other details. Often people twist things around and you should ask your attorney before speaking with insurance investigators, other attorneys, or witnesses.

3 – Social Media. People today have the urge to post on social media everything they do. Pictures of breakfast, their cat playing, everything. You may want to share details about your injuries, and photographs. It’s not a good idea. Once again, that can wait until after your case is resolved.

4 – Signing documents. It’s fairly common for attorneys to rush to sign settlement agreements with victims. Never sign anything without asking your attorney for advice first.

5 – Waiting too long to consult an attorney. Every state has time restraints on when you must file a case, when you have to present evidence, question witnesses and other rules pertaining to time. If you are injured, seek out a qualified attorney right away.

6 – Ignoring medical advice or hiding a previous condition. Once again, doctors and attorneys are professionals. If you are asked to do something by a doctor you are seeing about your injuries, do it. Failure to do so may jeopardize your case. And never conceal the truth about previous incidents or injuries. The truth will eventually emerge.

Personal Injury Lawyer Fort LauderdaleConclusion: Insurance companies don’t want to pay you for your injuries and they will use whatever means necessary to avoid it. You hire an attorney to guide you through the legal process of obtaining justice and fair compensation. Trust your attorney. Call when you’re not about something, no matter how trivial it may seem to you.

The Law Firm of Lazarus and Lazarus has been working with victims of accidents, negligence, and professional malpractice for over 20 years. We have seen every conceivable angle used by defendants and insurance companies to twist the truth and get out of paying what is right. You may reach us by calling 954-356-0006 and we will be happy to discuss your options.