South Florida Doctor Sued for Penile Implant Injury

A man in the Miami-Dade area is suing an urologist for malpractice after undergoing a penile-implant surgery which resulted in an infection and the removal of most of the man’s penis.

According to the Miami Herald, 62-year-old Enrique Milla claims that South Florida urologist Dr. Paul Perito performed the surgery, done to treat erectile dysfunction, without informing him of the risks involved with penile implant procedures among people with diabetes. The procedure was done in August of 2007. An infection developed which led to gangrene, ultimately resulting in the removal of most of the man’s penis. Furthermore, Millas is now also unable to have sexual intercourse and must sit down to urinate.

Dr. Perito is based in Coral Gables, FL and is considered a leader in penile implant surgery. According to his website, Dr. Perito has performed over 2,000 penile implant surgeries, and “The Perito Penile Implant” was developed by the doctor through his many years of experience. Both sides differ on their opinion as to whether diabetes is a factor which would make such as surgery too risky to perform.