South Florida Parents Concerned Over Tylenol Recall of Defective Products

Tylenol has announced a recall of some of their children’s and infants products due to test results showing possible bacteria in an ingredient used in its products. As WPTV NewsChannel 25 reported, many South Florida parents are concerned about the recent recall due to the defect, including Kameca Richards of West Palm Beach, who uses Tylenol when treating her three-year-old daughter’s illnesses.

According to the Sun Sentinel, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the maker of Tylenol, is voluntarily recalling 21 lots of pain, cold and cough medications for children and infants. The affected medications were produced between April and June. Purchasers of the recalled Tylenol products will receive a free coupon for a replacement.

McNiell said that it has not received any complaints so far and that it is considering this a low risk recall. However, while McNiell stated that it believes that none of the affected products were put out on retail, it encouraged concerned parents to contact their health care providers.

If you believe your child may have ingested the affected products, you should consult with your physician immediately. You can also take measures to prevent your children from being affected by these recalled products. For a list of affected products and for more information, go to the website and click on “Children’s Tylenol News.”