Auto Accident on Expressway Kills Two in South Florida

On Friday, October 9, two men were killed in a car accident on the Palmetto Expressway near NW 122nd street in Hialeah, Florida. According to the Miami Herald, the auto accident occurred at about 4 a.m., pinning one man under a boat and leaving another driver dead. Heavy traffic problems resulted.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a Ford pick- up truck, towing a boat, pulled over on the shoulder and a red vehicle pulled off in front to help. While the men were underneath the boat, a Chevy Malibu went out of control and hit the boat, which fell on the men, killing one. Apparently, the second man ran in the red vehicle was frightened and drove off.

The driver of the Malibu was also killed, while the passenger in the Malibu was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Police are still investigating, and FHP has determined that the boat and the truck were stolen. The police also found a bag of marijuana near the Chevy and three bags of a substance which they are testing for cocaine.

Our blog posting entitled “Florida Auto Safety: Move Over Law Saves Lives” discussed laws and safety tips which drivers should follow to avoid tragedies such as this one. While one can’t control an out of control vehicle or other outside factors, drivers should always remember to move far over to the side of the road when checking for damage to your car or any cargo you may be towing, and to be mindful of other drivers while parked on the shoulder.