Product Recall Announced for Baby Food Sold at Toys R Us

In the wake of recalls of defective automobiles over the past two months, a company has announced the recall of a much different product: baby food. According to the Miami Herald, California-based company Plum Organics announced the recall of its carrot and apple portable baby food because there are concerns that some of the products may be contaminated with botulism.

The product can be found at Toys R Us stores throughout the country. South Floridian parents should be cautious about this latest product recall. Toys R Us has several locations throughout the Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties, and botulism is a serious condition. According to, there were 154 cases of botulism reported in 1999, with 23 being food-borne, and 92 infant cases. Symptoms of botulism include dry mouth and throat, blurred vision, typical symptoms of food poisoning, vomiting, and many others. Complications can lead to paralysis and death.



The Miami Herald and AOL News reported that the products believed to be affected come in 4.22 ounce pouches, with a UPC code 890180001221 and a “best by” date of May 21, 2010. So far, there have been no reports of illness or injury from the defective product.

If your family or someone you know is affected by this recall please call our office regarding any of your questions or concerns.