Cyclists in South Florida Taking a Stand, Promoting Safety

We have posted about bicycle accidents in the past, noting our concern as the statistics show that eight cyclists were killed in Palm Beach County alone last year, and a total of 118 bicyclists were killed last year in Florida.


In light of the dangers cyclists face every day, bike groups are taking a stand to ensure the safety of their groups and of all cyclists in the South Florida area. Along with ensuring that their groups follow traffic laws and erecting safety signs, these groups are working with local authorities to ensure that uniform bike laws are enforced and that motorists follow theses traffic laws while keeping the safety of cyclists in mind.

Part of this movement is a campaign called “Ride Right, Drive Right”, an idea by Broward resident and founder of cycling group zMotion Pat Patregnani. According to the Sun Sentinel, Patregnani came up with the campaign after an incident in August in which a cyclist and motorists were involved in an altercation. The hope is that the campaign will educate both cyclists and motorists, encourage patience and sharing of the roads and prevent bicycle and auto accidents. Groups such as zMotion, the South Florida Bike Coalition and the Boca Raton Bicycle Club have all done their part, requiring their members to ride in small groups and in single file.

The campaign also includes signs designed to notify motorists of laws such as giving a cyclist three feet of clearance when passing them. The signs will be posted along State Road AIA in Palm Beach County and the Department of Transportation will review the signs. Hopefully, this campaign, along with efforts by cyclists, motorists and the police will encourage both groups to share the road and work together to prevent accidents and injuries.