Florida Senator Bill Nelson Addresses Current Defective Chinese Drywall Problem

We recently wrote about Maclaren’s recall of Chinese-made strollers and how South Florida consumers have been exposed to and affected by defective products made in China. We also noted how our government representatives are taking action on this important matter.

WPTV Channel 5 News in West Palm Beach recently reported that Senator Bill Nelson was in West Palm Beach last Thursday speaking with local leaders on stimulating Florida’s economy. According to the report, which also includes a video link provided by WPTV, Senator Nelson addressed several issues, from unemployment and the current financial crisis to health care.



However, Senator Nelson also had strong words over the current problem facing some homeowner’s about defective Chinese drywall which is believed to contain deposits of toxic sulphuric gas. Senator Nelson is pressing for a class action suit against the distributors of the product, stating the importance of holding those parties accountable for the problems which homeowners with the defective drywall face. Senator Nelson said that it is ultimately their responsibility to make the homeowners whole. He has also stated that he spoke with President Obama and his staff, and asked that the President address this issue on his current visit to China.

According to one article, over 500 million pounds of Chinese drywall was imported into the United States, which accounts to about 100,000 homes. Though the Florida Department of Health has received about 150 complaints, experts say that about 35,000 homes may have used the drywall.

f you or someone you know has been affected by Chinese Drywall n their home please contact our offices as soon as possible to discuss your potential claim.