Problems with Defective Chinese Drywall Go Beyond the Surface

South Florida homeowners who have been victims of defective Chinese drywall which circulated throughout the country during the housing boom may have more worries ahead. According to the Sun Sentinel, the federal government has stated that there is a “strong association” between the drywall and pipe and wire corrosion.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission also stated that their continued investigation has found a possible link between sulfide gases emitted from the drywall and reported health problems by consumers. The CPSC, along with the EPA and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, continue studying the effects of the drywall and said that it can now move ahead with further studies to find solutions to the problem and possible assistance from the federal government.

So far the CPSC has received over 2,000 complaints from homeowners in 32 states, with heavy concentration in Florida, and has spent over $3 million in studying the problem. Complaints by homeowners include not only the rotten-egg smell from the sulfur, but also sickness, corrosion of pipes, blackening of jewelry and damage to air conditioners.

WPBF Newschannel 5 in West Palm Beach also reported on this story, noting that Florida is one of the top five states with reported complaints about the drywall. If you believe that you have been affected by Chinese drywall, please call our office to discuss your potential claim for damages.