Nationwide Blender Recall

Recently, Haier America, the New-York based appliance company, announced a recall of over 530,000 of it s blenders. The Associated Press reported that the product defect stems from the blades.

The assembly of the blades may break or come apart, which could lead to cuts and lacerations. According to the story, there have been around 60 reports of blades breaking. The blenders were sold throughout the U.S. between 2006 and 2009. Haier America will offer free blade assembly to replace the defect.

We have noted in our blog many incidents in which consumers throughout the country, including South Florida have been injured due to defective products. Whether it is defective Chinese drywall, floor mats in cars or cribs, consumers are subject to the inconvenience and dangers caused by product recalls. Luckily, watch dog groups and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission are constantly investigating and enforcing safety standards.

The defective models are the stainless steel, 500-watt blenders with model number HB500BSS. If you have purchased one of these blenders or you need more information, you can get more information by calling 866-327-6147 or visit the company website or the CPSC.