Research Nursing Homes to Avoid Mistreatment and Poor Conditions

The decision to send a family member to a nursing home is not one that most people take lightly. As a matter of fact, many Florida families find themselves overwhelmed at the task of having to locate a nursing home that is suitable for their loved ones. Particularly given the urgency of some medical situations, some people find that they must make a quick decision about which nursing home to choose. However, a hasty decision can place your family member in danger of mistreatment or poor living conditions at a sub-par facility.

While many nursing homes operate with a high standard of care, there are others that simply do not provide adequate care for their patients due to lack of funding or poor management. While there are watchdog agencies cracking down on deficient nursing homes, it is crucial that you do your own research before choosing a home.

Resources for Choosing the Right Home also allows you to compare nursing homes in your area and see their Five-Star Quality Rating. This site also lists health inspection results, nursing home staff data, quality measures and fire safety inspection results for each facility in its database.

– The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration publishes a Nursing Home Guide that includes a Watch List that details care facilities operating under bankruptcy protection, as well as those that have been put under conditional status in the last 30 months. Further, this online data source is updated daily. Resources such as this can help Florida families locate the proper facilities for their loved ones with confidence.

Always be sure to visit a nursing care facility before you make a final decision. If you suspect there is abuse or maltreatment of any kind, be sure to contact a Florida attorney who can investigate your case and follow through with legal procedures to correct the situation.