Bicycle Riders Should Replace Helmets Every Few Years

Did you know that bike helmets only last for three to five years? According to a report by station WSVN-TV in Miami/Fort Lauderdale, the plastic and foam materials inside adult and child bicycle helmets break down after a few years, no longer providing the needed protection to riders. Small cracks below the shell of the helmet can also leave you vulnerable to injury.

Parents often pass down bike helmets to younger children, inadvertently putting them at risk for injury. Unless your children are very close in age, you should buy each child a brand new helmet every couple of years. Even the wear and tear of the older child on a helmet can be enough to make it unsafe for the younger child.

Check the Manufacturing Date
Helmets have a manufacturing date stamped on the inside of the shell cavity. If the helmet is banged up or has a manufacturing date more than five years old, it’s time to replace it. Similarly, when buying new helmets, be sure to check for the manufacturing date. Many stores will sell helmets that were made more than three to five years ago and most buyers are never the wiser.

Further, if you’ve had an accident while wearing a helmet, experts recommend that you replace it right away for an undamaged one. Even a simple bump on the head can be enough to shift the protective materials inside the helmet to render them useless for the next fall. If you have been injured by a faulty or outdated helmet, contact a personal injury lawyer who can explain your legal options.