Defining Damages for “Loss of Enjoyment of Life” in Personal Injury Suits


In personal injury lawsuits, Florida attorneys often seek damages for victims for something called “Loss of Enjoyment of Life.” You may have heard of people recovering money through lawsuits for medical expenses, lost wages or pain and suffering, but you may not realize that compensation for loss of enjoyment of life is often possible as well.

Although it may sound similar to “pain and suffering,” damages for loss of enjoyment of life are different. Pain and suffering refers to the direct pain caused by the injuries you receive as a result of an accident. Loss of enjoyment of life refers to the emotional, physical and psychological loss you endure over the long-term as the result of an injury.

For example, if you lose your sense of sight after an accident, you can be compensated further due to the fact that you will never be able to work the same again, see your children or generally enjoy life the way you once did. Loss of a limb, disfigurement or other catastrophic injuries also often qualify victims for this particular type of compensation.

Damages for loss of enjoyment of life are quantified by figuring out both the percentage of lifestyle lost as well as the measurable loss according to your injury. Losing an arm versus losing your sight can mean completely different sums. It takes a skilled personal injury attorney to argue this type of case and to get you the money you deserve. An attorney who can work for your best interests can successfully recover damages that will help you lead a comfortable life after a devastating injury.