Orlando Father and Three Sons Killed By Drunk Driver

While on vacation in Pinellas County over the weekend of July 30th, the McConnell family of Orlando experienced a grave tragedy when a drunk driver killed four of their loved ones. Elroy McConnell, 51, and his sons, Elroy McConnell III, 28, Nathan McConnell, 24, and Kelly McConnell, 19, were all riding together early Sunday morning after seeing a movie. Without warning, Demetrius Jordan, 20, collided with the family’s car while driving 85 mph through a red light at the intersection of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street and 22nd Avenue North.

The impact was so violent that it ripped the car in two. The McConnells all died instantly. Jordan, who admitted to having consumed several alcoholic beverages and smoking marijuana that night, was seriously injured in the accident and his passenger was also admitted to the hospital in critical condition. The accident is just a grim reminder of the dangers of drug and alcohol use while driving.

Drunk drivers threaten the lives of adults and children on the roads every day. If a drunk driver has victimized you or someone in your family, you must contact a lawyer right away. A lawyer can help you get justice for your injuries or for a wrongful death. Even if there have been criminal charges filed, you may be able to seek civil compensation for your loss, including pain and suffering, payments for medical bills and lost wages.