I-4 Tractor Trailer Fire in Orlando Causes Chain Reaction

Orlando police had their hands full on September 8, 2010 around 8:30pm after a tractor trailer burst into flames on I-4, bringing Wednesday night traffic to a screeching halt. The accident happened on the Westbound side of the interstate after drivers signaled for a semi truck driver to pull over after noticing sparks shooting out from underneath the big rig.

The tractor trailer driver attempted to pull off the road, but the truck was already on fire. The driver was unharmed and emergency crews arrived on the scene and worked to extinguish the flames. As they did, a second accident occurred near Fairbanks Avenue, causing two other cars to catch on fire. Both accidents were cleared just after 10 p.m. It was unknown if anyone was inured in either of the accidents.

Two other crashes that same night kept local authorities very busy as well. Police suspect that wet road conditions may have contributed to the spike in the number of accidents, including one in Daytona Beach in which a car hit a power pole.

Tractor trailer accidents in Florida can be very deadly, particularly when they involve collisions with passenger vehicles. A skilled auto accident attorney can help you fight for damages after an accident involving a big rig. Many times, driver error or vehicle overload can cause accidents on the interstates and negligent drivers and their companies must be held responsible. Contact a lawyer today to find out what your options are regarding recovery for medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages.