Lessons to Learn from Recall of Florida-grown Tomatoes

Florida is home to a wide variety of fresh produce and meats. With its incredible climate and vast land, South Floridians can find many locally-grown products at their neighborhood grocery store. However, products from our state – like any other – are susceptible to recalls for food-borne bacteria.

The Sun Sentinel recently reported that a product recall on grape tomatoes, which may contain salmonella, grown by Florida-based Six L’s Packing has expanded to include vegetable platters sold by Mann Packing of Salinas, California. According to the story, the platters contain sell-by dates of May 9 and 16, and while a spokeswoman for Mann Packing said that none of the platters were sold at retail stores in Florida, neither the amount of platters sold in Florida nor their buyers could be identified. In a press release earlier this month, the FDA provided a detailed list of retailers and their products which carry the tomatoes. Watch the story on the initial recall, reported by KRQE News 13:



Exposure to contaminated foods can lead to serious illness and even death. Here are just a few tips recommended by Prevention.com on avoiding exposure to salmonella from produce:

• Do not purchase bruised/damaged produce • Throw away rotten produce • Cut away bruised/damaged parts of produce
Consumers can’t be too careful when it comes to what they eat. According to Medline Plus, 76 million people in the US get sick from contaminated food, with symptoms ranging from upset stomach to dehydration.

If you have been exposed to salmonella or other contaminations, seek medical assistance immediately. Contact the FDA to notify them of the potentially harmful product so that they may further investigate the matter. If you believe that you have a claim, consult with an attorney.