Emotional Story of Miami Resident Highlights the Dangers of Pharmaceutical Errors


Pharmaceutical errors can occur at any moment, resulting in life-changing consequences for the victim and their families. Despite the wide selection of excellent hospitals and medical care facilities in South Florida, one minor oversight or mistake can lead to tragedy, as it did for one young graduate of Miami Springs High School.

The Sun Sentinel reported on the story of Raul Otero, a young man who in 2003 survived a motorcycle accident, but was left in far worse condition after treatment at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. Though the actual accident required Otero’s leg to be amputated and spleen to be removed, he was alert and prepping for rehab when he was about to receive an MRI. Due to his agitation during the MRI procedure, a doctor prescribed a drug at a high dosage of medication, which, combined with his other medications, caused his heart to beat abnormally. Otero’s heart stopped, he was revived and he ultimately went into a coma. As a direct result, he was rendered a quadrapalegic and unable to speak except for responding to familiar voices through laughter (Watch video for this story on the Sun Sentinel story link).

As with many other medication errors the resulting trauma didn’t just affect Otero. His mother was forced to gave up her full-time job to be his caretaker and Otero’s tragic ordeal put a toll on his parents’ marriage.

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