Passenger Injured in Cruise Ship Accident


Late last month, a cruise ship passenger aboard a vessel from Norwegian Cruise Line, based out of Miami, Florida, was injured and rescued after going overboard.

USA Today reported
that the passenger went overboard at about 8 p.m. when the ship was making its way down the Mississippi River to its Caribbean voyage. Representatives from NCL stated that the passenger was rescued and given medical treatment, although NCL failed to identify how the passenger went overboard or the extent of his injuries.

Cruise ship accidents can occur at any time. Statistics from Cruise Junkie show that last year, a total of 19 people went overboard on cruise ships. Accidents, of course, are not just limited to falling overboard. Food poisoning, injuries from onboard activities and failure of the cruise line to follow health or safety standards can also cause serious injury.

Consult with an attorney if you have been injured in a cruise ship accident.