South Florida on Alert for Product Recall for Possible Contamination from Miami Meat Company


Residents of South Florida should be on alert for potentially contaminated beef, according to a recent product recall from a Miami-based meat company.

The Sun Sentinel reported that Northwestern Meat, Inc. is recalling over 6,000 pounds of its Honduran beef which may have been contaminated from animal drugs. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently announced the recall following a random sampling of the beef in mid-July. The USDA warns that the beef may contain lvermectin, which is an anti-parasitic given to animals. The recall involves C&D brand boneless beef cartons with the code LOT. N60 146-11 A or LOT. N60 146-11 B, with a processing date of 26.05.11. So far, the USDA has not received any illness reports. Once discovered, cases of the meet were not allowed in the US, although Honduran officials warned that the meat had made it through before the random sampling.

Globalization has allowed companies to use cost-effective means to produce their goods, while also providing Americans with foreign goods that would otherwise not be readily available. However, product recalls are common these days since companies rely so heavily on producing and importing their products from other parts of the world where certain standards for consumer goods may not apply as they do in the US. Furthermore, outsourcing will naturally lead to less control over one’s own product.

If you have purchased Northwestern’s meat and it contains the relevant product codes, be sure to dispose of it immediately. If you have ingested any of the meat, seek medical attention. For more information, call the USDA Meat and Poultry hotline at 1-888-674-6854.