War Hero’s Fatal Accident Highlights Dangers of Roller Coasters


During the summer, roller coasters all over the country will have plenty of traffic as children and parents flock to amusement and theme parks. With so many selections such as Disneyworld and Busch Gardens, visitors from around the world will head to Central and South Florida for its thrill rides. However, an Army hero’s fatal roller coaster accident has many critics worried about the safety of roller coasters.

A story from ABCNews highlighted the accident, as well as a roller coaster incident in Texas , as examples to show the public how these recent incidents have brought attention to amusement ride accidents.

As noted by ABC in their story, proprietors of roller coasters and theme parks defend their rides and maintain that the odds of someone getting injured in a roller coaster accident are 1 in 1 million. However, many experts warn that the twists and turns of these thrill rides can cause serious injury, including severe whiplash and even death. Critics of these high speed thrill rides warn that the risks may outweigh the benefits, due to the lack of federal regulation over these coasters to apply appropriate safety standards.

We encourage families to enjoy the many theme parks and amusement rides throughout Florida, but we strongly urge that everyone be aware of the risks involved and to follow all safety instructions before going on a roller coaster. With access to the Internet it is easier than ever for an individual to locate thrill ride companies and amusement park’s safety information posted on their websites, so doing your research could also help avoid injury.

If you have been injured in a roller coaster accident, contact our office and consult with a South Florida amusement ride accident attorney today.