Coast Guard Calls off Search for Canadian Woman Who Went Missing on Florida Cruise Ship

1106432_cruise_ships_at_grand_turk%20sxchu.jpgThe United States Coast Guard has called off the search for an unidentified Canadian woman who is believed to have fallen overboard while traveling on a Florida cruise ship. A 47-year-old passenger on the Bahamas Celebration went missing while the ship traveled from Freeport, Bahamas to the Port of Palm Beach. The Coast Guard searched about 19,000 square kilometers of sea using at least four of the organization’s cutters and two of its aircraft. Bahamas air and sea rescue crews also assisted in the search.

According to Celebration Cruise Lines president Charles Kinnear, the woman was reported missing as the Florida-based cruise ship returned to the Port of Palm Beach on Wednesday morning. The woman’s boyfriend, also unidentified, claims he last saw her near a gift shop outside of the couple’s cabin around one in the morning. He said he realized she was missing after he awoke the next morning to find she never returned to their cabin. After he could not locate the woman, her boyfriend reported her missing.

After the Canadian woman was reported missing, cruise personnel reportedly searched the Bahamas Celebration twice before contacting the Coast Guard. By 8 am on Wednesday, the cruise ship was docked at the Port of Palm Beach. According to Kinnear, the ship would have turned around to search for the woman if personnel were alerted to her disappearance sooner. Although the woman is believed to have fallen overboard, cruise officials are hoping she somehow left the ship without detection. Upon the ship’s arrival at port, the woman’s passport was still in her cabin. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is currently looking into the woman’s disappearance.

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