Amendment 2 and Medical Marijuana – A Complex Issue

Voters in Florida will decide an amendment to the state constitution next month in a highly controversial election involving medical marijuana. The term “medical marijuana” implies that only persons with a physician’s prescription will be able to obtain a preparation of the cannabis plant intended for use as medicine, and many people believe it would be dispensed from a pharmacy.

But that’s not entirely accurate in this situation.

The law firm of Lazarus and Lazarus deals with injuries resulting from mistakes and errors on the part of pharmacies, but in the case of Amendment 2, the marijuana will be distributed by “marijuana treatment centers” and will not be dispensed with a written prescription, but with a “medical recommendation” for anything from relieving pain and nausea to treating sleep disorders.

The battle between pro and con forces is really heating up, and it seems likely that after the election there will be issues pertaining to future claims of negligence and injuries due to marijuana consumption. The attorneys at Lazarus and Lazarus are experts in the field of personal injuries of all kinds and are following this case closely.

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