Chronic Pain Malpractice Claims on the Rise

No one likes to live with pain. Short-term pain can usually be alleviated with an over-the-counter analgesic, but long-term chronic pain is another issue. While advances in pharmacology have developed better drugs to ease pain, the side-effects can be harmful, and even fatal.

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It is the responsibility of medical practitioners to properly diagnose the source of chronic pain and also to prescribe the proper course of treatment. When this includes pharmacological remedies, it is the duty of a pharmacist to properly dispense the correct drug at the right dose. Errors in any of these areas can lead to serious issues, and this is why there has been a significant increase of pain-related malpractice cases filed, as reported recently by

By Caroline Helwick – The number of malpractice claims related to chronic pain management is increasing, and many involve permanent disabling injury or death, according to a closed-claims analysis presented here at the American Society of Anesthesiologists 2014 Annual Meeting.

“Malpractice claims associated with chronic pain have increased in number and severity over the past three decades, and they have increased out of proportion to the increase in pain anesthesiologists,” said Kelly Pollak, MD, from the University of Washington and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, who presented the findings.

Anesthesiologists prescribing opioid medications and those performing cervical neuraxial injections need to be particularly aware of the increase in severe adverse outcomes, investigators warn.

Not only have malpractice claims associated with chronic pain management increased, so has the number of pain specialists, who are using more potent analgesics and interventions, said Dr Pollak.

In the past, many claims involved epidural steroid injections, but those injuries tended to be minor and temporary. However, recent closed-claims analyses have identified an increase in major adverse outcomes, including death related to medication overdoses and major neurologic injury associated with pain treatment. Full story @
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