Nursing Home Surveillance: Should You Be Able to Spy on Your Grandma’s Caretakers?

People face the future in different ways, but the thought of having someone care for us when we are old is daunting to most. We all hope that family will be the closest and best choice for care, but when that is not an option we look to nursing homes for quality care.

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In this high-tech era where cameras seem to be everywhere, there are laws and regulations regarding the placement of cameras in patient rooms at nursing homes to allow monitoring of conditions. These laws are changing, as reported by

By Jenni Bergal – Over the years, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has consistently heard “horror stories” about the abuse or neglect of nursing home residents. Now she is trying to bring such cruelty out of the shadows and into clear view.

Madigan’s office is drafting legislation, likely to be introduced in 2015, which would allow Illinois nursing home residents and their families to place cameras in their rooms to help protect them.

“Residents and family members should have the option, for their own peace of mind, to monitor what is taking place,” said Madigan. “If something goes wrong, you can see what actually happened.”

If the measure is approved, Illinois would join at least four other states-New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington-that have laws or regulations allowing residents to maintain cameras in their rooms. In Maryland, cameras can be placed in a resident’s room, but only if the facility permits them, according to state guidelines. (Florida has no such allowances.) Full story @
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