Pharmacy Errors – There is Help for Victims

Some people may remember the days of the neighborhood, independent pharmacy. The kind of place where “everybody knew your name” and the pharmacist was more familiar with your medical history better than you were.

Most small towns had one or two pharmacies, or as they were called many years ago “chemist shops” or “apothecaries”. In my town, we just called it the drug store.

Today’s pharmacies are national chains and it seems there is one on every corner. These businesses require high-volume sales to stay competitive, and with more volume comes more potential for errors.

Pharmacy errors occur when the pharmacist gives the wrong quantity, dosage or type of drug to a patient. The Law Firm of Lazarus and Lazarus has extensive experience in the area of pharmacy errors, protecting the rights of victims for over 20 years.

A Lazarus and Lazarus Success Story:

We represented a 73 yr. old woman who went to her local pharmacy, a large national chain with a household name. While at the Pharmacy, our client filled a prescription for 10 mg. of Claritin, a popular allergy medication. Instead of filling her bottle with 10 mg. of Claritin, the Pharmacy mistakenly filled our client’s bottle with 10 mg. of Coumadin. Coumadin is a blood thinner and can cause life threatening problems if taken in large doses. Our client’s problem became compounded by the fact that she was already taking 5 mg. of Coumadin daily as prescribed by her doctor. Now, because of the Pharmacy’s negligence, our client was taking an overdose of Coumadin which caused her to begin bleeding profusely through every orifice of her body. An intern at Shand’s Hospital discovered the error and our client began to recover from this horrifying episode. A confidential settlement in the multiple six figure range was reached with the nationally recognized pharmaceutical chain.

If you feel you have been a victim of pharmacy errors there are several people who can be held accountable for what happened to you depending on the circumstances. Pharmacists, other pharmacy employees, and even the pharmacy company itself can be held liable for pharmacy errors.

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