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Ten Leading Causes of Death – Know Them and Avoid Them

Most people want to live as long as possible and while they are living they hope to enjoy a productive, harmonious, healthy existence with family and friends. Death is a subject most people don’t even want to think about. But since the number of people who have avoided death since the beginning of time is zero, it’s not likely you or I will be break that string of inevitable mortality. Let’s examine how people die, why a lot of people die before they should, and how we might avoid an early exit. The current life expectancy in the U.S. is 78.7 years, so let’s all get there, and more!

The top 10 causes of death in the U.S. are:

Heart Disease
Cancer (malignant neoplasms)
Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease
Accidents (unintentional injuries)
Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases)
Alzheimer’s Disease
Influenza and Pneumonia
Kidney Disease (nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis)

Avoid, or at Least Delay the Leading Causes of Death

Now, these causes of death vary widely depending on your age, and we have provided a chart below. Find your age group and give some thought to taking appropriate action to increase your chances of living longer. To help, we are going to provide some tips and preventative measures as provided by the CDC. We’ll cover the first 5 in this post and follow up with more soon.

1 – Heart Disease

Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol can significantly lower heart disease risk. Several lifestyle and dietary modifications can dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease, including:

Follow instructions to ensure safe use of medications and any OTC drugs • Eat a diet that is low in salt, refined sugars, total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol and high in fresh fruits and vegetables • Exercise regularly (at least 150 minutes a week) • Avoid excessive intake of alcohol • Quit smoking • Take steps to reduce stress levels, or get help with stress management. American Heart Association

2 – Cancer

A substantial proportion of cancers are preventable, and all cancers caused by cigarette smoking and heavy use of alcohol could be prevented. See a doctor regularly and visit the website for the American Cancer Society where there are great resources to learn more.

3 – Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease

To prevent respiratory diseases: Quit smoking • Avoid second-hand smoke • Avoid air pollution • Avoid chemical fumes • Avoid dust – American Lung Association Website

4 – Accidents

As personal injury attorneys we deal mostly with accidents, also called unintentional injuries. We work hard to try to educate people about taking steps to lower their risk of being in accidents, and we will continue to do so. It is distressing to see how many accidents are caused by the careless and negligent behavior of others, and when we represent a victim we do everything possible to help them deal with their pain, suffering, and medical expenses.

In general, here are some broad tips to stay safe: By their very natures, accidents are unintentional, but there are many ways to reduce the risk of accidental death and injury. Some key components of accident prevention include those focused on road safety, such as seat-belt use, and improved awareness of the dangers of driving while intoxicated. Visit the National Safety Council Website.

5 – Stroke

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking are major risk factors for stroke. Several other medical conditions and unhealthy lifestyle choices can increase your risk for stroke.

Although you cannot control all of your risk factors for stroke, you can take steps to prevent stroke and its complications.

Stroke prevention measures include: Eating a healthy diet • Maintaining a healthy weight • Getting enough exercise • Not smoking • Limiting alcohol use • Managing cholesterol levels • Controlling blood pressure • Managing diabetes • Managing heart disease • Taking medicine correctly • Talking with a health care team • Staying hydrated – American Stroke Association Website

Benjamin Franklin was correct when he said death and taxes are unavoidable, but you can lower your taxes with a good accountant and you can extend your life with some smart choices.

If you have suffered some injury or damage due to someone else’s carelessness, negligence, or malpractice, we are available to sit down with you and discuss your options. We are available by calling 954-356-0006, and thank you. Live long, and prosper.

Leading Causes of Death