Fort Lauderdale Accident Attorney

What are the Duties of an Auto Accident Attorney?

Accidents happen to everyone, it’s just a matter of when. Everyone hopes it’s not serious and that no one is injured, but the statistics say it will happen eventually. That being said, do you know what to do when you’re in an accident? We have covered what to do immediately after the accident, such as cooperate with the authorities, but don’t admit fault, and don’t post on social media. Take photographs if possible.

Fort Lauderdale Auto Accident Attorney

Fort Lauderdale Accident AttorneyThen seek the advice of a good auto accident attorney, and look for references and reviews to select a good one. Then, after you have decided on a lawyer, what then? What should you expect from your attorney? Obviously you want to be communicated with regularly. What else?

How about a list of the duties and responsibilities a good auto accident attorney should know his responsibilities based on the circumstances of the case, but a basic outline is:

Interview the client.
Explain the claims process to the client.
Gather liability and damage evidence to support the client’s claim.
Review the client’s automobile insurance policy to see what coverage is available to pay for the client’s medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.
Put client’s health insurance, Medicare and/or Medicaid on notice of the claim.
Start the initial investigation of the client’s claim, which may include: gathering physical evidence, speaking with witnesses, photographing the vehicles, and photographing the accident scene.
Analyze the legal issues involved in the case to determine if there are other parties that may be responsible for the claim or if there are facts that might diminish the client’s recovery.
Obtain and review the client’s medical records (past and present)
File any necessary claim forms with insurance companies.
Work with the client’s health insurance or governmental benefit plan to make sure they pay for the treatment.
Contact the adverse party’s insurance company to put them on notice of the claim.
Negotiate with the insurance adjuster in an effort to settle the claim. Discuss negotiations with the client to determine if a lawsuit will be filed.
If a lawsuit has to be filed, prepare and draft the summons and complaint.
Locate the defendant(s) so they can be served with the summons and complaint.
Draft written discovery to the defendant(s) and respond to written discovery from the defendant(s) (Interrogatories, requests for production and requests for admissions)
Attend depositions of parties and witnesses.
Hire the necessary experts to prove client’s claim. This may include an accident re-constructionist and/or medical experts.
Attend case management/status conferences.
File all necessary documents with the court identifying witnesses and exhibits.
Prepare for and attend mediation.
Take the case to trial.
Draft or respond to any post-trial motions if necessary.
Negotiate any outstanding medical bills with client’s doctors and negotiate with client’s insurance company. Make arrangements to collect judgement if applicable.

Every case is different, and an attorney’s role may be reduced or expanded, but this is a guide for a client to auto accident attorneybe aware of as a case progresses. Vehicle accident cases can be very complex, and we at the Law Firm of Lazarus and Lazarus have had over 20 years of experience dealing with every conceivable situation. We work hard for our clients to make sure their rights are protected and that they receive all reasonable compensation for their injuries and other damages. Please call us at 954-356-0006 if you have any questions.