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Cruise Ships are Getting Smart, Hiring Lifeguards – Fort Lauderdale Cruise Ship Accident Attorney

fort lauderdale cruise ship accident attorneyBased in the Fort Lauderdale area we decided many years ago to provide assistance to people who have had harmful incidents with cruise ships and cruise lines. It is an interesting and challenging area of law for several reasons, including the reality that often incidents occur outside the jurisdiction of U.S. laws.

One of the most perplexing areas of concern for us over the years has been the accidents, injuries, and deaths that occur in and around swimming pools on board cruise ships. Cruise lines have traditionally opted to not provide lifeguards to patrol the pools, and pointed to statistics they believe back-up their decision. They have compared the number of accidents on ships to the number of land-based pools and decided that because, according to their numbers are fewer, there was no need for lifeguards. It has always been bewildering to us how they could reach that conclusion because even one preventable accident is too many.

But recent cases have received significant publicity, and some ships are coming around to take responsibility for their pools. Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International are the most recent of the large operators this year to add trained lifeguards to enhance pool safety.

We hope this action will keep passengers safe, especially children.

Fort Lauderdale Cruise Ship Accident Attorney

What Can a Person do if They are Injured on a Cruise Ship in International Waters?

fort lauderdale cruise ship accident attorneyThis is where things get technical and why a victim should reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. Cruise lines many times will attempt to persuade a victim to sign a settlement before they can seek advice. The Law Firm of Lazarus and Lazarus has been helping the victims of cruise ship accidents and negligence for over 20 years. If you had a serious incident occur while on board.

We have represented many victims of cruise ship accidents and we would be pleased to sit down with you to discuss your situation. Please call our office at 954-356-0006.