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Summer Road Trips: Have You Checked Your Auto Insurance?

What would you think is the most dangerous month to drive? What day of the week? You may think that winter months are dangerousFort Lauderdale Accident Attorneys because of snow and ice and that Monday mornings would be dangerous because of commuters. Both are wrong.

The most dangerous month, it turns out, is August, and Saturday the most dangerous day, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Summer is when driving goes way up, and Saturdays are when many people who get to work using public transportation decide to gas up the family car and head for the beach or Home Depot.

We are going to focus on summer road trips because this is when there is the potential for unusual circumstances to come into play. You’re going to be far from home so if anything happens you’ll want to make sure you have enough insurance coverage to handle any problems.

What do your summer trip plans include? Whether it’s driving your own car; renting a car; riding in a bus, shuttle or taxi; or ride-sharing via Uber or Lyft, your risks and responsibilities can vary considerably, especially because state and local laws can differ in protecting consumers. If you have an accident far from home, you can’t tow your damaged car to your favorite body shop near your home. It’s going to go who-knows-where to a shop you never heard of. If you’re in an accident in the middle of nowhere, will your insurance cover a 140-mile tow?

If you’re injured in an accident, you won’t be going to your local hospital where the family doctor is on staff. You’ll go where they take you andfort lauderdale accident attorney be seen by doctors you don’t know. Will your health insurance cover medical bills in another state? Does your auto insurance have enough medical coverage and will there be adequate coverage far from home?

Finally, let’s think about the possibility that you have an accident and it’s your fault. Is your liability insurance substantial enough to cover large claims? Give all these questions some thought and make some phone calls to your auto, health, and homeowner’s insurance companies for answers. Going on a summer vacation should be fun, you don’t need to be stressed out.

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