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Some Over-the-Counter Supplements may be Dangerous Drugs

Dangerous Drugs - Prescription Meds and SupplementsThe word supplement means “something added to complete a thing, supply a deficiency, or reinforce or extend a whole.” When you incorporate supplements into you daily diet, you are doing so because you want boost your health, get stronger, or lose weight. All positive goals, but there may be dangers.

We have discussed the potential harm from mixing prescription drugs and supplements, but now there is evidence that some supplements on their own may be harmful. Increased risk of cancer and kidney stones are two of the concerns.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration ordered supplement maker Hardcore Formulations to recall two of its bodybuilding supplements after they were found to be laced with derivatives of anabolic steroids — drugs that can have serious health consequences including liver injury and increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and infertility.

There are three categories where people should be cautious. If a supplement promises to help with sexual performance, weight loss, or muscle building, be careful. The ingredients might be listed as caffeine or “natural stimulants” but often there are ingredients not on the label that can be harmful.

One ingredient that was banned by the FDA over a decade ago – sibutramine – is still showing up in some products.

Buy vitamins and supplements only from reliable distributors. If you take a supplement of any kind, make sure you discuss it with your physician and pharmacist. Ask about complications and side effects. Many companies shipping products to consumers are not reputable and you should be very cautious. The FDA website includes this link – consumer updates – for information about banned and dangerous supplements.

Fort Lauderdale Pharmacy Error Lawyer

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