Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse in South Florida

Nursing homes and other care facilities are facing challenges today that squeeze their budgets and sometimes cause cutbacks in quality of care. Some of the issues are:

  • A nationwide shortage of licensed care givers.
  • More people are living longer, which means demand is higher.
  • Insurance re-imbursements are lower and harder to get.
  • Medicare and Medicaid have cut payments.

Still, there is never any excuse for neglect or abuse.

The tragedy that occurred in Hollywood in September seemed to be related to the hurricane, but the investigations will be lengthy and the truth will take some time to emerge. Authorities are now ruling 12 of the 14 deaths to be homicides.

Negligence occurs when a care taker is not fulfilling their duty to a resident or patient. It includes physical neglect (deprived bathing methods, lack of toileting and wrong body positioning), medical neglect (lack of medical care, poor access to medical aid and more) and proper assisting (Lack of assistance to the resident in eating, drinking, avoiding cries for help and more).

Every elderly person or patient who is a resident of a care facility deserves competent care. Here are some unacceptable and often illegal situations that develop in some facilities:

BEDSORES – Bedsores are preventable injuries that can lead to serious, and sometimes fatal, complications. Unfortunately, many nursing home employees are not properly trained to prevent, identify, and provide treatment for these dangerous conditions.

FALLS AND FRACTURES – Nursing homes owe a duty to ensure that their premises are safe, and to provide adequate supervision for their residents. Unfortunately, they often fail to meet these obligations. Falls and fractures are often grounds for seeking financial compensation.

MALNUTRITION – Malnourishment is a dangerous health condition that can also put nursing home residents at greater risk for other illnesses and injuries. With proper care and supervision, residents should not suffer from malnutrition.

WRONGFUL DEATH – If your loved one died in a nursing home and you suspect fault on the part of the home’s staff or administrators, it is important that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

WRONGFUL OR INAPPROPRIATE CARE – Any form of wrongful or inappropriate care that leads to illness or injury may be grounds for filing a lawsuit against a nursing home. Sometimes, this is your only option for getting the home’s attention and recovering the money you need to pay your bills and make up for your other losses.

MEDICATION ERRORS – Medication errors such as over dose, under dose, and confusing medications can lead to life-threatening situations.

South Florida Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys

There are many other dangerous situations that develop in nursing homes and other care facilities. If you believe a family member or other person is not being properly cared for, or abused, call 800-96-ABUSE and report what you know. Then call us at 954-356-0006 and we will arrange a confidential consultation. If there is evidence of negligence or abuse we may be able to help you receive compensation for injuries, and pain and suffering.