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Time Limits for Filing Personal Injury and Other Civil Lawsuits

Florida Law Requires Timely Actions to Protect Your Rights to Compensation for Injuries and Damages

A driver named Bob is sitting at a red light in Fort Lauderdale when suddenly someone strikes his car from behind. Poor Bob is dazed and shaken but it seems at first there are no serious injuries.

The police come and complete a crash report, the car is not drivable so it’s towed, and Bob goes to the emergency room to have some cuts and bruises treated. Bob calls his insurance company and then waits to hear some news.

What Happens Next?

Months down the road Bob realizes that the nagging pain in his neck has worsened, and that the cause is a serious spine injury that was misdiagnosed by the doctors who treated him immediately following the accident. His car has been repaired but when he drives down the road it pulls strongly to the left and repair shop is totally unresponsive about his problem. Bob didn’t receive a satisfactory check from his insurance company, and he doesn’t know what to do to cover medical bills or how to recover the salary he missed when he was out of work.

What About Bob?

No one cooperates with Bob regarding his issues, so he wonders if he can file a lawsuit to get the help he needs? The answer is maybe.Personal Injury Lawsuits Fort Lauderdale

In this hypothetical case or in an actual case a victim may seek legal action against the driver who caused the accident, the insurance companies, the doctors who made mistakes diagnosing and treating injuries, and the repair shop that did not fix the car as long as it is done according to the rules governing civil procedures.

The State of Florida has established statutes regarding civil and criminal case timetables and procedures, and failure to be aware of them is not an acceptable excuse for missing a deadline.

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