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When someone is injured in an accident because of someone else’s negligence they have the right to sue and seek compensation for damages. The right to sue is guaranteed by the Seventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which ensures that citizens’ civil cases can be heard and decided upon by a jury of their peers. The jury trial provides a forum for all the facts to be presented, evaluated impartially and judged according to the law. Chapter 768 is a lengthy section of the Florida Statutes that covers issues related to negligence.

South Florida Wrongful Death AttorneysWhat happens when a person is killed in an accident? Who speaks for them, and do they have a right to justice?

Thankfully the answer is yes. A suit Wrongful Death may be filed with the court to seek compensation for damages.

A wrongful death claim may come after an auto, motorcycle, or truck accident, including DUI. Wrongful death cases also arise after a product liability issue, a workplace accident, an incident occurring because of negligent security, or any number of other tragedies including plane crashes that result because of the negligence of a person, product, or business entity.

Examples of damages after a wrongful death:

Medical bills,
Property damage,
Lost wages,
Pain and suffering, and
Loss of enjoyment of life.

Attorneys who are experienced with Florida Statutes and Federal and Local Law are capable of gathering the evidence necessary to proceed with personal injury and wrongful death cases. When considering attorneys to represent you in a legal case always look for length of experience and reviews by previous clients.

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