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Do you know what companies match to these slogans?

  1. Just do it.
  2. What’s in Your Wallet?
  3. Finger Lickin’ Good.
  4. Breakfast of Champions.
  5. You’re in Good Hands.

The answers are below, but most people know the answers right away. Slogans are a big part of branding and they are designed to get a response in consumers, sometimes an emotional one. Insurance companies want people to feel safe and protected when they pay their premiums every month and it works. State Farm Insurance says they are “Like a Good Neighbor” and everyone likes to have a good neighbor looking out for them.

All big corporations offer products and services that hopefully benefit the consumer who buys them but their primary goal is to make a profit which means they need to take in more money than they pay out. Insurance companies differ from others in that they only pay out benefits after a loss by their customer so they are very meticulous about trying to minimize money going out. That’s not to say they cheat people, but if they can offer a low settlement to the victim of an auto accident, for example, and the person accepts it….that’s a good day for them.

Insurance companies have employees called claim adjusters who review circumstances of a claim and determine what benefits their company should pay. They often ask a victim to sign a settlement agreement which may or may not be the best outcome available. Insurance companies and their adjusters are not “bad” but they will usually put their financial interests first, and that’s not good for a person who has just been injured in a car accident.

Is There a Solution?

Working with a personal injury attorney means you’ll have someone working for you who wants to see you obtain the best financial out come possible. Experienced attorneys have dealt with insurance companies for years and they know when  it’s time to settle and when it’s time to negotiate for more.

The Law Firm of Lazarus and Lazarus has represented victims of other’s negligence and won substantial outcomes since 1992. A free consultation is available by calling 954-356-0006.

The Answers are:

  1. Nike
  2. Capital One
  3. Kentucky Fried Chicken
  4. Wheaties
  5. Allstate Insurance

Weston Personal Injury Attorneys

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