Fort Lauderdale Accident AttorneysAuto accidents occur frequently and often have devastating consequences. Serious injuries are devastating both in terms of pain, suffering, long-term disability, and financial expenses. As soon as possible after a person is involved in an accident with injuries, that person or a friend or family member should contact a qualified and experienced attorney.


Florida law allows a victim to file a lawsuit in order to get reasonable compensation for injuries, pain and suffering, and lost wages, but time is of the essence. There are also procedural elements involved with a successful case, and it is not something you want to place in the hands of someone with a lack of experience.


If you contact an attorney to represent you, take some time to review their online reviews. An attorney’s track record and results will give you a good indication about ability.


The victim of a serious accident often suffers from more than physical injuries. It is common for emotional distress and anxiety to be experienced at an almost unbearable level. The attorneys at Lazarus and Lazarus understand this, and we often work to place our clients in touch with counselors. We understand the healing process, physical and emotional, takes time.


Our clients always have a direct line to reach either Gary or Arleen Lazarus. Questions are answered promptly and our staff is also always available for inquiries.

Fort Lauderdale Auto Accident Attorneys

Now marking our 25th year helping victims in and around Fort Lauderdale, we are very pleased to continue growing and working hard to deliver the maximum compensation permitted by law to our clients. The world can often be a hazardous place due to the carelessness or negligence of others. When someone is injured, we strongly protect the rights of that individual to have competent legal representation and pursue justice.