Investigation Underway for South Florida Cruise Ship Accident


During this time of the year, vacationers are flocking to ports throughout South Florida to set sail on a cruise before the close of the summer. However, an investigation is underway into a recent cruise ship accident in South Florida.

According to the Sun Sentinel, the United States Coast Guard is looking into what caused an accident in Key West last week. Two Carnival cruise ships, Fantasy and Imagination, collided while docking at the Port of Key West. The crash caused minor damage to both vessels.

Personnel were being tested for drugs and alcohol, in accordance with Coast Guard protocol. So far, authorities have determined that no one was injured and that the incident did not cause any pollution or spill into the ocean.

Despite modern technology and safety measures, cruise accidents can happen at any time. Contact our offices and consult with a South Florida cruise ship accident attorney if you’ve been injured in a cruise ship accident.