How to Spot Signs of Inadequate Security


Cases of negligent security occur each day to individuals all over the country. Throughout South Florida, places of business such as apartment complexes, strip malls, convenience stores and nightclubs sometimes fail to provide adequate security measures and protect their patrons, resulting in serious injuries and/or death.

For example, a Miami-Dade woman was recently awarded almost $2 million in a South Florida negligent security case against an apartment complex when she suffered debilitating injuries while escaping an attack from an intruder. In the world of reality TV, two men involved in an altercation with members of the cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey are alleging negligent security (amongst other things) after an incident where a brawl ensued at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in the Dominican Republic.

How do you, as an injured victim, know if you have a claim for inadequate security? What types of signs should you look for? The following is a list of some of the criteria typically found in a negligent security case:

• The premises/area have a history of high levels of crime (robberies, rape, homicide, etc.)
• The landlord/property owner knew or should have known that the area was prone to criminal activity, yet did not provide security measures • An apartment complex agrees to have security gates/cameras/etc., but no such security measures are ever installed • No security guard/surveillance cameras on the premises • The premises have inadequate lighting at night • The premises have run-down/easily maneuverable security gates
It is very important to note that this list is not all inconclusive and that there are many other factors which may be required in a negligent security case. Furthermore, the fact that an incident may involve all of these factors does not necessarily suffice for a claim for inadequate security. These cases can be very complex and typically require experts to provide a full analysis of the premises and the incident. Only an experienced negligent security attorney can assess your potential case and determine if a claim is actionable on your behalf.

If you have questions about a potential claim for negligent security, consult our offices and speak with a Florida negligent security attorney today.