Online Pharmacies – Are Savings Worth the Risk?

You May Not Have Recourse for Internet-Purchased Pharmacy Errors

Nearly 60% of all Americans are taking prescription drugs, the highest rate ever according to a Washington Post article citing a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association. Not everyone has insurance to cover their drugs, and with the rising prices charged by pharmacies, many look to save money online.

online-rx-_Herby__Herbert__Me_largePharmacies and pharmacists are licensed in each state and are also required to have liability insurance. In Florida you can verify the license of any member of the medical community by visiting this website operated by the Florida Department of Health. While this may provide a certain comfort level for patients, it doesn’t guarantee an error-free experience when you visit Walgreens, CVS, or your local family-owned pharmacy. Mistakes still occur.

Doing business with online pharmacies carries a level of risk above and beyond a normal pharmacy. It is not so easy to verify licenses for pharmacies operating online, because many times you won’t have any idea where they are located, or who they really are. Insurance is also a gray area, they may have it, or they may not.

A lot of red flags should go up when thinking about ordering medicine over the internet: Consider that recent studies show that up to 50% of the medications are fake, and don’t even contain the ingredients they are supposed to deliver to a patient. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which has found in many instances counterfeit medicine – pills passed off as being from an established pharmaceutical company – don’t even have an active ingredient, or might have ingredients that are dangerous.

Study after study shows that it’s critically important to not only communicate with your physician, but with your pharmacist. Many people in a hurry use the drive-thru to pick up their prescribed medications, but we encourage people to take the time to go inside the building and avail themselves of a short but meaningful discussion with their pharmacist. Ask them to double-check the bottles, the dosages, and ask about any side-effects and interactions with other drugs or foods that you eat.

We also believe that online pharmacy orders are not worth the amount of money you might save, unless the business is thoroughly checked out and you can confirm that they are selling legitimate products.

Understanding the complex issue of prescription errors and pharmacy negligence requires special training and study in some very intricate areas law. Knowledge of the latest, and the older pharmaceuticals is also necessary to advise victims on their rights when it comes to injuries sustained because of prescription mistakes.

The Law Firm of Lazarus and Lazarus has dedicated a major portion of their practice to helping people who are the victims of prescription errors of all types. They have over 20 years of experience advising and defending the rights of victims, and they are always willing to listen to you. Calling 954-356-0006 will connect you with Gary and Arleen Lazarus, south Florida attorneys who truly care about the community and want to help those who have been harmed by others.