There is a Lot Riding on Your Tires – Fort Lauderdale Accident Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale Accident LawyerWhen we look at our cars today we are amazed at all the technology! GPS, music coming in through wi-fi and satellite, back-up cameras, airbags, and now cars that drive themselves. Definitely not you father’s ’57 Chevy.

Sometimes when people get comfortable cruising along in a large comfortable car or SUV they forget there are physical forces involved and one is called inertia. It controls the way your car moves, and you need to respect it.

Inertia: a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.

As your car travels it wants to keep going the way it’s going, and when you turn the wheel it’s the tires that need to “grip” the road and effect a change in direction or you’re not going to turn. Tires that are worn or improperly inflated won’t be able to alter the direction of your car and on a wet road for example, you’ll go where you don’t want to go.

From a University of Southern California Engineering website: Most drivers do not know that the most important parts of any car are its tires. The tires have an enormous influence on the safety and performance of an automobile.

The National Transportation Safety Board says over 19,000 people are injured every year in crashes caused by faulty, worn, or improperly inflated tires. When tires cause accidents for these reasons the fault usually rests with the owner of the car, but there are many times when the tire itself has a defect or there was an error in installation and then it’s a different situation.

Fort Lauderdale Accident LawyerThe most common reasons for tire-related accidents not related to owner negligence are:

  1. Tread belt separations – most common in steel-belted radial tires, this occurs when the steel outer belt edge is has a defect and progresses to the center of the tire. In SUVs and other van-style vehicles this can cause rollover accidents.
  2. Installation errors – including improper lubrication, improper positioning and over inflation.
  3. Belt to belt separation – this can occur when moisture is introduced during the manufacturing of a tire.

If you are in an accident and there is a possibility a faulty tire contributed to the incident, you should contact a qualified accident attorney immediately. The tire itself may be evidence and should be preserved. There may have been a recall involving your tire and that would need to be looked into. Many other factors are involved in any accident where a structural or design defect may be involved and you should protect yourself by consulting with an attorney.

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