Sharing Prescription Drug Information Among Doctors and Hospitals

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An accountant visits his Internal Medicine physician for a routine check-up. It’s tax-time and the poor fellow is working around-the-clock. The doctor writes a prescription for an acid-blocking medication because the stressed out patient complains of acid-indigestion.

The same patient visits his cardiologist a week later and that doctor recommends medications for blood pressure and cholesterol.

Finally, a week later the high-anxiety CPA wakes up with a throbbing tooth ache, and his dentist gives him a prescription for pain pills.

What will happen if he takes all these medications together? This is where the pharmacist plays a critical role in patient care because he or she is the central point where all these drugs come together, hopefully, and possible interactions are identified.

For Medicare patients, there are now organizations called Accountable Care Organizations.

What is an accountable care organization?

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