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Delays and Misdiagnoses of Accident Injuries Because of Covid-19 Pandemic

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Immediate Proper Treatment is Essential for Long Term Recovery

One of the most common issues victims of accidents face is receiving the right diagnosis immediately after the injury. Proper assessment and treatment is not only essential, an error by a physician can make the injury worse.

Medical resources are stressed to say the least and this is causing many other illnesses and injuries to be demoted or reclassified as non-urgent.

It’s important to remember that with trauma resulting from automobile, truck, or motorcycle accidents, the actual injuries may be hidden and not manifest as serious for a few hours or days after the actual event. A sore neck may be a muscle strain or it may involve serious injury to the spine. An ache in the belly may be from a bruise or it may involve internal bleeding. Don’t guess or play Dr. Google and search the internet for answers.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Injuries Should Never be Delayed

It seems certain that Covid-19 is not going to abate any time soon even though there is optimism about vaccine distribution.

Victims need and deserve accurate, prompt medical care.

How Can You Make Sure You’re Getting the Assessment and Treatment you Deserve?

One of the advantages of having a qualified accident injury attorney on your side is that one of our primary duties is to make sure your personal well-being is first and foremost. We have been helping victims recover from accidents physically, mentally, and financially since 1992 and our record for results is excellent. Please feel free to review our client reviews at AVVO, the leading source for attorney information. We’re here to help, so if you have questions we’re available 7 days a week at (954) 356-0006.

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