Injuries Resulting From Low-Impact Collisions

Low Impact does not Mean Low Injury

You may remember from science class in school that there were some very smart people throughout history who gave thought to things we “normal” people don’t think about. One such person was Sir Isaac Newton, and his theories about gravity, motion, and optics profoundly impacted the study of physics and are involved in our daily life.

Your elbow bumps a cup of coffee on your desk, and it falls to the floor. We don’t think about it, but Newton’s observations and theories of gravity and motion explain exactly what happened and why.

You’re sitting in your car at a red light and someone strikes you from behind. The laws of physics are involved here as your body is thrust forward, you experience sudden stress to your neck, shoulders, hips and head.

Newton looked at simple occurrences in life and reasoned that there must be a way to calculate the forces of nature using scientific methods. In the case of a moving object striking an object at rest, he reasoned correctly that two factors are important to determine the force (F) of the impact, and those are speed, or acceleration (a) and the weight, or mass (m) of the moving object.

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Negligent Security – ATM Safety

You’re on the way out for the evening, speaking to your friend as you drive: “I’ll just pop by the ATM and grab some cash.” You pull up to your bank and park in front, jump out of the car and leave the motor running. “Should I pull out $200 or $300?” you ask your friend. You’re in a hurry so you grab the cash and leave the receipt sticking out of the machine, dashing back to the car.

Several mistakes were made in this scenario, mistakes that may have opened the door to a serious crime. Every day there are stories like this in the news:

Bonita Springs – Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers is trying to identify the suspect who robbed a woman after she withdrew cash from a Bonita Springs ATM.
According to detectives, the victim withdrew $200 at the Suncoast School Credit Union ATM on Chamber of Commerce Drive shortly after 2:30 p.m. on January 10th.

As the victim walked back to her car, an unknown man grabbed the money from her hands and ran to a gray Toyota or Honda waiting nearby. A witness to the crime chased after the suspect, but eventually lost him after he sped off behind the shopping center.

People assume that because ATMs have security cameras and there are guards inside the bank, they are safe. This is not necessarily so.

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