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How to Deal with Uninsured Driver Accidents in South Florida

Consider Buying Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Most of us pay our auto insurance bill the same way we pay our electric bill. We couldn’t imagine not having electricity – you can’t live without air conditioning!

But many people drive all over south Florida every day without having insurance coverage. How Many?

Unfortunately the Insurance Information Institute says Florida ranks very high for uninsured motorists. Here is the breakdown:

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Our law firm has been dealing with victims of automobile, motorcycle, and truck accidents since 1992 and we have dealt with countless cases where one or more drivers have not had proper insurance.

If you are in an accident and the other driver does not have insurance it is best if you have included Uninsured Motorist Coverage in your policy. If you don’t have that coverage all is not lost – there are often other ways to pursue compensation for injuries and damage. Every case is different and it’s best to let an experienced personal injury attorney review your particular situation.

Many people think of auto insurance as only covering damage to the car. Auto insurance can also cover you for being sued as a result of causing an accident, or for injuries you sustain during an auto accident. If you have traditional health insurance, it may or may not cover all your medical bills.

If your household is a high income earner or you have more than $250,000 in assets, talk to an insurance agent about an umbrella policy. An umbrella policy provides additional liability limits, which will help to protect your financial future. Umbrella policies are very affordable. In Florida, an umbrella policy that will provide an additional $1 million of liability insurance is a possible consideration.

We are not insurance agents, but we know from experience that while quality coverage may cost more, it is well worth it in many situations.

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Maximizing the Value of Your Auto Accident Insurance Claim

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You May Only Have One Shot to Get What You Deserve

Many motor vehicle accident claims follow a pattern like this:

The victim calls the insurance company and reports the incident. The insurance company responds with their assessment of the damage to the vehicle, offers a check, and says they’ll pay the medical bills later when they are final.

That process often results in a completely unacceptable settlement and people later have regrets.

Most drivers shop for insurance based on cost. They read the benefits like collision and injury coverage as bullet points but don’t understand the details. They may see that the company will allow for a rental car during repairs but they don’t know for how long.

We have two tips at this point:

Before an Accident

Be meticulous when shopping for car, truck, or motorcycle insurance. Read the fine print and ask questions – then consider costs. Always read the entire policy first and buy the best insurance you can afford.Weston Florida Injury Attorneys

 After an Accident

Once again, read the fine print or better, have an experienced personal injury attorney help you. This is where you will want to maximize the value of your settlement. Insurance companies don’t enjoy paying large claims and they’ll avoid it.

We always caution people not to rush into a fast settlement because once a case is “settled” you may never have the chance to go back and obtain compensation for

  • Future Medical Complications
  • Inadequate Repairs
  • Delayed Actions from Other Parties
  • Hidden Damages
  • Expenses that Were Paid but not Reimbursed

We know how to conduct an extensive review of every insurance policy to make sure our clients receive every dollar that is due to them. We also make sure others involved in an accident pay what they are responsible for and if necessary we go to court to get justice.

We’re here to answer your questions with a free consultation in person or online. Just call 954-356-0006 and you’ll connect directly with Gary or Arleen Lazarus.