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Let’s be Careful Out There – Traffic Fatalities Highest in Years

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A character on the 1980s television police drama “Hill Street Blues” had a great catchphrase: “Let’s Be Careful Out There.” On the show, Sgt. Phillip Esterhaus was imparting these words of caution to officers policing the streets.

Police Officers face dangers every day, but so does everyone who drives a car, truck or motorcycle, especially after recent data reveals this, according to CNN: Washington, DC (CNN Business)Traffic deaths in the United States continue to spike, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated Tuesday that there were 42,915 such fatalities in 2021. That would be the most traffic deaths in 16 years, NHTSA said.

Many experts believe the added stress of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many drivers to be less careful when driving but it’s difficult to make a solid claim about the true cause of the increase in 2021 fatalities.Personal Injury Attorneys

We do know that each driver has choices about habits and precautions behind the wheel. People who obey traffic laws, wear seat belts, and do not drive while impaired are far less likely to be involved in a serious accident. But all the safety measures in the world cannot protect a driver from someone else who is careless.

What can you do if involved in an accident?

Being in an accident is a very stressful time, and it’s hard to keep focused on making the right decisions in the moments following the crash. We developed a checklist for people to print and keep in their glove compartment in case of a traffic accident. Please click here to see our post from 2020 which includes a link to download the .pdf.

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And Let’s be Careful Out There.