Children Injured in Accidents

Personal Injuries Involving Minors – Accident Attorneys in South Florida

Our children are valuable and precious, and despite all the care and attention we put into protecting them, they do get hurt sometimes. Understanding the injuries they suffer and the time and expense it takes to heal is necessary for children to recover physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The leading causes of injuries to children include burns, falls, poisonings, and accidents on bicycles. For infants, drownings and suffocation are leading causes for accidental death, and for children 5 to 18 it is motor vehicle accidents. Every hour in this country almost 150 children visit emergency rooms due to accidents on the road. The good news is that nationally the number of serious injuries and deaths to children have decreased due to better safety systems in cars like airbags and other restraint devices.

Personal Injury Attorney for ChildrenBicycle and pedestrian injuries remain high, however, often with drivers hitting people because they are distracted behind the wheel. Please urge kids to be very careful and ride on bike paths rather than in the street. Wearing helmets, other protective garments, and bright reflective clothing can help. Stress to children that they should never assume the driver of a car or truck will see them because they often won’t.

Often after a serious injury the recovery period is very long, and sometimes there is permanent damage. When this is the case it is critical to fight for expenses that may very well be lifelong in nature. Settling a case for less than what will be needed for necessary expenses in the future can result in a very disappointing outcome.

It’s important to understand that a minor child cannot file a personal injury claim on their own, it must be done by a parent or guardian and Florida Statute 744.387 is the pertinent section. Sometimes there may be issues regarding parents who are divorced and who will be the one to look after the minor’s best interests. It is prudent to work with a personal injury attorney who is experienced advising parents about injuries to minors in order to fight for the best long-term results possible.

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