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Autopilot Cars Raise Questions About Safety and Liability

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New Data Reveal Hundreds of Crashes with Several Deaths and Serious Injuries

When automobiles, motorcycles, and trucks are involved in serious crashes it is almost always a traumatic event with injuries both physical and emotional to drivers and passengers. There are financial issues regarding medical expenses and property damages which are sorted out over time, often in our legal system.

One of the things law enforcement and the courts deal with is the liability of drivers, perhaps unsafe vehicles, or even road conditions or obstructions caused by someone’s negligence. It is a complex process that involves the gathering of witness testimony, physical evidence, and research into other cases.

South Florida Accident AttorneysRecently, new technology has opened the door to another dimension in liability: the invisible driver. Cars are operating on our roads with Advanced Driver-Assist Systems and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) they may be unsafe. These systems are sometimes like an “autopilot” that actually drive the car.

The New York Times reports on recent NHTSA findings: In 392 incidents cataloged by the agency from July 1 of last year through May 15, six people died and five were seriously injured. Teslas operating with Autopilot, the more ambitious Full Self Driving mode or any of their associated component features were in 273 crashes. Five of those Tesla crashes were fatal.

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