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Improperly Maintained Stairs in Commercial Buildings Cause Millions of Serious Injuries – Personal Injury Attorneys Lazarus and Lazarus

2nd only to Motor Vehicle Accidents, Falls Caused over 800,000 Injury Hospitalizations Last Year

If you saw the movie Young Frankenstein there was a scene involving several people walking up some scary-looking stone stairs and one character says “Stay close to the candles, the stairway can be treacherous.”

Well, stairs are treacherous. Often they are poorly lit, not well-maintained, and sometimes they have clutter blocking them which cause people to trip. Broken handrails are also common causes of falls. Most falls involving stairs happen when people are going down them rather than up because people are trying to look ahead as well as down. Obstacles are not visible until it’s too late.

Any fall that happens while trying to navigate up or down stairs should be taken seriously. Some people are very seriously injured and are immediately transported to the hospital. The earlier a call is placed to a personal injury the better because it’s important to examine the conditions of the stairs and the environment for any possible negligence by the owner or management of the property.

We have worked with victims who come to see us several weeks after falling and it’s because they didn’t think at first they were seriously injured. Sometimes injuries are hidden and don’t begin to hurt for days, weeks, or even months. Every fall should be documented by recording the day and time, noting the contact information for witnesses, and taking photographs of the scene. Later, this all may be vitally important.Personal Injury Stair Accidents

There are a few things people can do to minimize the chances of falling:

  • Make sure your vision has been checked and your corrective lenses are up-to-date.
  • If you have vertigo or get dizzy for any reason, try to avoid stairs.
  • If you ever experience weakness in your legs or are easily winded, take the elevator.
  • If you’re in a hurry don’t rush up or down a set of stairs. Take your time and stay safe.
  • Always wear shoes that fit right, are sturdy, and not worn out.

Everyone’s goal is to minimize injuries so we hope people take care of themselves and property owners take care of their property.

Our goal is to help people who have been injured to they have the resources to recover. If you are injured in a fall please give us a call at 954-356-0006. We answer the phone 7 days a week.

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Drowsy Driving is Dangerous – Here are Some Prevention Tips

Like Drunk Driving, Drowsy Driving Causes Serious Injuries and Death on America’s Roadways

Personal Injury Accident AttorneyWhen you travel by plane or train there isn’t much you can do to speed up the trip. Traveling by automobile or truck or motorcycle is a different situation and many people try to “drive straight through” instead of taking some rest stops to recharge their batteries. This is not a prudent thing to do.

Last week was officially Drowsy Driving Prevention Week but it’s something we need to be aware of all the time and we should caution others about the dangers. If you know someone who likes to drive without proper rest you may want to want to make them aware of these facts:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration drowsy driving is responsible for an annual average of:

  • 83,000 crashes
  • 37,000 injury crashes
  • 886 fatal crashes

How does sleepiness affect drivers? Studies show that driving without adequate sleep makes drivers less attentive, affects their decision-making ability, and slows reaction time.

Preventing Drowsy Driving Accidents

  1. Get at least 7 hours of sleep before embarking on a long trip.
  2. Never take medication that might cause drowsiness before you drive.
  3. On long trips take a break every 100 miles or every two hours.
  4. If you feel your eyelids “getting heavy” it’s time to pull over and rest.
  5. If you have to roll down the windows and drink coffee to stay awake, stop and rest. Those things are short-term and won’t stop you from nodding off.

The Law Firm of Lazarus and Lazarus has seen it all in our many years dealing with serious crashes and injuries, and many cases have involved drowsy driving. If you have been involved in any kind of accident it is always best to get professional legal advice about how to proceed. We answer our phones 7 days a week so please call 954-356-0006 at your convenience.

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Time Limits for Filing Personal Injury and Other Civil Lawsuits

Florida Law Requires Timely Actions to Protect Your Rights to Compensation for Injuries and Damages

A driver named Bob is sitting at a red light in Fort Lauderdale when suddenly someone strikes his car from behind. Poor Bob is dazed and shaken but it seems at first there are no serious injuries.

The police come and complete a crash report, the car is not drivable so it’s towed, and Bob goes to the emergency room to have some cuts and bruises treated. Bob calls his insurance company and then waits to hear some news.

What Happens Next?

Months down the road Bob realizes that the nagging pain in his neck has worsened, and that the cause is a serious spine injury that was misdiagnosed by the doctors who treated him immediately following the accident. His car has been repaired but when he drives down the road it pulls strongly to the left and repair shop is totally unresponsive about his problem. Bob didn’t receive a satisfactory check from his insurance company, and he doesn’t know what to do to cover medical bills or how to recover the salary he missed when he was out of work.

What About Bob?

No one cooperates with Bob regarding his issues, so he wonders if he can file a lawsuit to get the help he needs? The answer is maybe.Personal Injury Lawsuits Fort Lauderdale

In this hypothetical case or in an actual case a victim may seek legal action against the driver who caused the accident, the insurance companies, the doctors who made mistakes diagnosing and treating injuries, and the repair shop that did not fix the car as long as it is done according to the rules governing civil procedures.

The State of Florida has established statutes regarding civil and criminal case timetables and procedures, and failure to be aware of them is not an acceptable excuse for missing a deadline.

Since 1992 we have invited people injured in any type of accident to take advantage of our free and confidential consultations so your rights are protected and you don’t miss deadlines. Calling 954-356-0006 will put you in touch with either Gary or Arleen Lazarus and we will provide you with options for your situation and personal service.

Click Here to see various Statutes of Limitations in Florida

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How to Catch Pharmacy Errors Before They Hurt You – Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorneys

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Did you ever make a measurement mistake while following a recipe? A common one is to confuse teaspoon (tsp) with tablespoon (tbsp) and sometimes while making baked goods it can make a big difference in the outcome. Still, a little too much baking soda or not enough vegetable oil probably won’t cause a major health issue.

A mistake like that with prescription medication may cause serious harm or death.

We have always advocated that patients be their own watchdogs in addition to asking questions and verifying everything with their own doctors and pharmacists. Doctors, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians are trained to be accurate, but the Food and Drug Administration estimates that 1.3 million people are injured by medication errors annually in the U.S. – Source:

According to a pharmacist reported making a mistake that involved mixing up the dosage for a very powerful pain killer. The medicine was dispensed for an infant and the error involved a mix-up of milliliter and teaspoon measurements. It’s important to note that one milliliter is equal to 0.202884 teaspoons. This particular error could have been fatal.

Another error that has happened too many times involves a “called-in refill” where a pharmacy refills a prescription that has actually been replaced by a new medication. In one instance the patient was having adverse reactions to a medication and the doctor changed to a new one. The pharmacy refilled the old one and the patient became very ill.

Sometimes pharmacists and doctors may be unaware of a patient’s pre-existing conditions or other medications. In one case a patient that had recently undergone chemotherapy was prescribed a medication that was totallyPersonal Injury - Pharmacy Negligence inappropriate for such a situation. The patient, doctor, and pharmacist never communicated what was going on and once again there was a very bad reaction and the patient nearly died.

Communication and verification are key elements to avoid prescription medication errors and injuries. Take the time to ask your doctor what is being prescribed, why it is being prescribed, and make absolutely sure your doctor is 100% aware of every medication you are taking, even if it’s over-the-counter.

When you pick up your prescription don’t hesitate to ask the pharmacist questions. Make sure the right pills are in the right bottle and that the dose is correct. If your doctor prescribed 100 milligrams per pill of a medicine make sure you didn’t get 500 milligrams. It is your right to have a consultation with your pharmacist.

One of the most common errors patients make is forgetting to take a pill or other medication or taking it twice in one day when the directions call for only once. A daily pill counter can help with these situations. Make sure all medications are stored where children cannot get to them.

The AARP has published a helpful page online: What You Can Do to Avoid Medication Errors

Always maintain and carry with you a complete and current list of every medication you take, even if it’s aspirin or vitamins. If something happens and you are rushed to the hospital they medical professionals who treat you will need to know your situation. Also, while you can’t carry around your complete medical history, it is a good idea to write the dates of previous surgeries and major events. For example, if you had heart bypass surgery ten years earlier, the doctors in an emergency should know that.

South Florida Pharmacy Error Attorneys

Lazarus & Lazarus Law Firm has helped victims of prescription medication errors by healthcare professionals since the start of our firm in 1992. We have also helped people who have been harmed by bad drugs. If you or someone you know has received an incorrect prescription drug please reach out to us at (954) 356-0006 and we will use our experience and knowledge to investigate what happened and how.