Aviation Accidents

Aviation crashes are often tragic accidents where there are seldom any survivors. When there are crash victims that do survive an airplane accident, the injuries are usually catastrophic and permanently debilitating. If someone you love died or was seriously injured while riding a commercial airliner, a private jet, a helicopter, a charter plane, or any other aircraft over Florida, do not hesitate to contact the South Florida aviation accident law firm of Lazarus & Lazarus, P.A. today.

Our Ft. Lauderdale aviation accident lawyers will work with top aviation accident experts, including mechanics, former pilots, former Federal Aviation Administration investigators, and human factors experts to prove your case, and we will begin gathering and preserving evidence from the crash scene immediately. Lazarus & Lazarus PA has law offices that are conveniently located in Ft. Lauderdale and Weston, Florida.

Causes of Aviation Accidents
Plane crashes are often catastrophic accidents for many people. In addition to the injury victims that were on board the aircraft, an aviation accident that occurs over a neighborhood or a commercial area may claim other lives and injury victims on the ground. A large airliner plane that crashes usually results in hundreds of fatalities, and the lives of many of their friends and loved ones are never the same after such a tragic accident.

Our Florida airplane collision attorneys know how to prove negligence and we will conduct our own investigation to determine who is liable for the aviation accident. Pilot error, aircraft defect, faulty maintenance, aircraft malfunction, errors by the air traffic control operator, and ground crew mistakes are some of the causes of aviation accidents. There may even be more than one party liable for causing the plane crash.

Commercial Airline Crashes
Large commercial airliners owned and operated by Delta Airlines, Northwest, American Airlines and other airline companies are “common carriers” that are upheld to an even higher standard of passenger safety than the owners of private jets or small charter planes. Lazarus & Lazarus, PA has the resources and experience to file claims and lawsuits against large commercial airline corporations and their insurance companies. We will zealously fight for your right to obtain the maximum recovery for your aviation crash injuries and/or losses.

Our Florida aviation crash law firm is know for our ability to successfully negotiate settlements with insurers so that our clients can get the financial recovery that they need. If necessary, we will go to Florida or Federal court and litigate your case. If you are a Florida aviation crash survivor, Lazarus & Lazarus, PA can provide you with a list of medical specialists and experts that can help you recover.

Our Ft. Lauderdale, Florida aviation accident law firm represents aviation crash survivors and their families with personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout Florida.

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