Burn Injuries

In the United States, burn injuries are the number two cause of human deaths after motor vehicle crashes. There are over a million reported burn injuries every year, with many of these injuries leading to serious infections or death. Burn injuries are extremely painful, and the costs of recovery from a burn injury can be very expensive. Burn injuries usually require specialized and extensive care–especially if the injury is severe. If you or someone you love sustained your burn injury in an accident that was caused by a negligent party anywhere in Florida, you should speak with an experienced Florida burn accident attorney right away.

In Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Lazarus & Lazarus, P.A. is a personal injury law firm that has the resources, skills, and experience to take on your burn accident case. We represent burn injury clients in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, and throughout Florida.

Burn Injury Accidents
Burn injuries can occur in different kinds of accidents, such as car accidents, motorcycle collisions, truck crashes, construction accidents, electrical accidents, industrial accidents, chemical accidents, boating accidents, accidents involving fire or radiation, and accidents caused by exploding or defective appliances (stoves, furnaces, ovens, heaters, etc.).

When a person has a burn injury, not only are layers of the skin affected, but a burn injury can cause deadly infections and damage the victim’s internal organs, nerves, bones, muscles, blood vessels, and respiratory system. Recovering from a burn injury can be physically, mentally, and emotionally traumatic.

Recovery from Burn Injuries
Recovery from a burn injury may require an extended stay at a burn unit, multiple surgeries, skin grafts, reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery, physical therapy, psychological treatment, hospital visits, or other specialized care. Treatment for a burn injury will depend on the severity of the burn injury and the age and medical condition of the victim.

The recovery process could take months if not years. Even with the proper care, it is not uncommon for an injury victim with serious burn injuries to be scarred or permanently disfigured for life.

At Lazarus & Lazarus, PA, we are familiar with the kinds of burn injuries that exist and the types of treatments they require. We know how to thoroughly investigate the accident that caused your injury and prove that another party was responsible.

Our burn injury and medical experts can examine your injuries to determine how much compensation you will need to cover your care and support. Although we normally do not recommend a specific doctor to you, our Ft. Lauderdale, Florida burn injury lawyers provide all of our clients with a list of qualified doctors and medical specialists. We monitor the medical care of all our injury clients to make sure that they are getting the treatments that they need.

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