Cruise Ship Accidents

Each year, millions of people head to ports in Florida to board cruise ships getting ready to set sail on fun-filled, relaxing vacations to nearby islands or foreign lands. Carnival Corp, Princess Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Cape Canaveral, Holland America, and Disney Cruise Line are just some of the many prestigious cruise lines with ships leaving regularly from the Port of Miami, Port of Tampa, Port of Palm Beach, Port of Everglades, and Port of Canaveral.

Unfortunately, cruise ships passengers can get injured, sick, or die while onboard. In the event that your expensive vacation becomes even more costly because you or someone you love was seriously injured on a cruise ship, you need to speak with a Florida cruise ship accident attorney that knows how to properly handle these cases right away.

Lazarus & Lazarus, P.A. is one of the few Florida personal injury law firms that has the experience and knowledge to represent clients that have been injured on cruise ships. Not only are our Ft. Lauderdale injury lawyers and Ft. Lauderdale-area attorneys familiar with the federal and maritime laws that govern cruise ship accident cases, but we have helped many injured clients from Florida and outside the state recover compensation for their injuries or the death of their loved one.

One-Year Statute of Limitations
Cruise ship accident cases are unlike other personal injury cases in that a plaintiff has only one year from the date that the cruise ship accident occurred to file a lawsuit against the negligent party. Cruise ships can even choose the jurisdiction–usually noted in fine print on the cruise ship ticket–where they can be sued. This means that if the ticket says that the cruise line can only be sued in Florida, you have to file your lawsuit in the Florida–even if the accident occurred in California. Suing a cruise ship in the wrong jurisdiction can lead to the dismissal of your case.

Accidents on Cruise Ships
Cruise lines and their staff are required to provide a safe and clean environment for guests on their ships. When these safety and cleanliness standards are not met and a cruise ship passenger is injured, becomes ill, or dies, the injured party or surviving family members can demand compensation by filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

Accidents on a cruise ship may include slip and fall accidents, accidents sustained while on island day tours, fire accidents, collisions with another ship or vessel, illnesses caused by cruise ship viruses, food poisoning, and sexual assault. The cruise ship should have a competent staff doctor who can provide you with proper medical care while you are onboard.

The cruise line, staff members, and crew members are there to take care of you while you are on the ship. There is a good possibility, however, that if you are injured or someone you love is killed during the cruise, staff and crew members will want to protect themselves and the cruise line from being held liable for the injuries or death. This is why you should hire a cruise ship accident attorney who is committed to looking out for your interests.

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