Motorcycle Accidents

It is not unusual for defendants in motorcycle collision cases to build a defense that portrays the motorcycle rider as reckless or dangerous. At Lazarus & Lazarus, P.A., our Ft. Lauderdale, Florida motorcycle accident lawyers will send an accident reconstruction expert to the accident scene immediately so that we can gather the evidence to prove that it was the other party’s reckless or dangerous behavior that caused your personal injury accident.

We will zealously fight for the compensation that you deserve so that you can afford to pay for the medical treatment and other recovery care that you need to get better. Over the years, our Ft. Lauderdale personal injury lawyers have helped many injury victims injured in motorcycle accidents in Palm Beach County, Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and throughout Florida obtain their financial recovery.

Motorcycle Injuries
Motorcycle riders involved in motor vehicle collisions with a car, truck, bus, or a non-moving object, such as a barrier, a fence, a wall, or a post, will usually sustain serious injuries because they don’t have anything to protect them from the impact of a motorcycle crash.

Ever since the state of Florida repealed its motorcycle helmet law in 2000, the number of motorcycle accident victims that have died or sustained traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) has risen among riders 21 years of age and older who no longer have to use a helmet when riding through Florida’s busy roads or highways.

Broken bones, fall injuries, road rash, burn injuries, permanent scars, severed limbs, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, and paralysis are among the more serious injuries that can result when a motorcycle rider is involved in an accident. The costs of multiple surgeries, reconstructive surgeries, treatment at a burn unit, physical therapy, ongoing medical care, rehabilitation care, and other recovery expenses can be astronomical.

Personal Injury Compensation
Unlike car accidents victims, who are guaranteed at least some coverage because Florida law mandates that car drivers have PIP (Personal Injury Protection), this same protection does not extend to motorcyclists. This means that a motorcycle accident victim’s best chances of obtaining financial recovery for their injuries is to hire an experienced Florida motorcycle crash attorney who can represent their claim or lawsuit.

A motorcycle accident victim that has been injured because of a careless or negligent driver may be entitled to receive personal injury damages for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other related costs. In accident cases where a motorcycle rider got hurt because the motorcycle he or she was riding in was defective or had a defective part, the victim can file a products liability claim or lawsuit against the manufacturer.

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